Kiddie Express is a family owned and operated business since 2004.

The Original

our engineer

in training

JC Callis is a retired Travis County Deputy Constable who had a spark of entrepreneuerial inspiration and now enjoys driving kids around while dressed as a train engineer. How does that happen, you may wonder. JC has been a train enthusiast from a young age, so when he passed by a used trackless train for sale, his interest was piqued. He jumped in, designing and overseeing fabrication of the largest trackless train fleet in Central Texas. Now JC gets the opportunity to entertain kids in a safe environment while teaching them about old-fashioned trains. JC's wife Julie got on track quickly and the two have created a unique, family-centered business, and a great alternative for family entertainment.

Let our family take care of yours, and check out some of our good friends to complete your event entertainment.